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Abaco Island Villa
Abaco Island Villa


Thrifty Car Rentals

Central Florida is home to an abundance of theme parks and attractions.  Filled with entertainment and fun the area is a hot spot location for tourists.  During the prime days of the year the transportation systems seam to get "clogged" up with so many tourists.  And there's always that Disney bus that you get on where they apologize because the air conditioning is out and their broadcasting 95degree weather.

It can be extremely beneficial to  rent a car in Central Florida.  Drive yourself from Disney park to Disney park instead of waiting for the trams or buses.  Don't wait to long for the tram that you miss the fireworks.  Often times at Disney theme parks or water parks you need a place to leave possessions such as lunches drinks and changes of clothing; renting a car saves you the hassle of renting storage lockers outside the theme park!  Travel to and from your hotel/resort with ease, giving you the freedom to enjoy your week without any restraints when you rent a car at Thrifty Car Rental!

Thrifty Car Rentals can make your vacation an ease for the entire family!  Visit the restaurants where you want and when you want.  Don't waste your expenses on taxies and transportation services, enjoy the flexibility of a Thrifty Car!